About Us


Whether you are brand new to yoga, or simply new to our studio, from the moment you walk through

the door, we want you to feel “right at home”.

Our studio is not about poses, pictures, or appearances.

It’s about real people, life, and living.

It’s a place where friends meet, and everyone feels included.

By the time you sign in for class, you will be welcomed, we will know your name, and you will be among

friends. Once you get settled on your mat, you’ll know you have found a sane corner of the world where

We welcome everyone to our community, and encourage you to develop a daily yoga practice that

you can feel free to just be yourself.

carries you into a life you love!

Our Mission

Blume Yoga is a lively, community centered, music driven yoga studio in Conyers, Georgia. The focus of our Mindful  Hatha Yoga classes is to tune into your breath, body, sensation, thought and emotions, and practice in a way that brings both balance and harmony. In our asana practice we will practice both slowly and quickly. With longer holds we have the space to explore and with flow or Vinyasa sequences we focus on staying present throughout the movement. Neither is better or more advanced and both offer us the opportunity to awaken. Our smaller class sizes allow for personal attention and partner work so that your practice grows in a rich way. We will guide you in a safe and non-competitive atmosphere that is full of beautiful aromas.